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    AGM Proposals

    Could anyone with proposals for change, both Technical or to Club rules please get them to me before the end of October.

    I need:
    a. The name of the proposer.
    b. The proposal for change.
    c. Supporting evidence. (Absolute maximum 1 page)

    Again we will vote on the proposals at the meeting then, if necessary, go to to a wider vote to include members unable to attend.
    Only members who are fully paid up for this season will be eligible to vote and Christopher Watson will bring our membership list to the meeting. Therefore, if you want to vote get paid up soonest!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    a. Lee Hardy

    b. Our current points system does not define what happens in the event of positions being tied at the end of the season. I propose that we follow the MotoGP approach as follows: “In the event of a tie in the number of points, the final positions will be decided on the basis of the number of best results (number of first places, number of second places, etc.). In the event that there is still a tie then, the date in the Championship at which the highest place was achieved will be taken into account-with precedence going to the latest result.”

    c. No supporting evidence but the near miss of having Greg and Chris tied for points at the top of the table, during the last race at Cadwell, was slightly concerning. Motogp detail here.

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      Garry 5

      Good idea Lee. Better to prempt this possibilty for next year.

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    3 proposals.


    a. Proposed by myself graham garriques.
    b. remove the qualifying session and revert to a practice session or race.
    c. At events where its a one day we lose a race, I’ve never seen any point in qualifying yet, its one session therefore you cant go out, qualify, tweak your bike and go out again to improve your position. In essence its go out and go as fast as you can if you feel like it for very little if any gain. I still feel the championship points system we had work just as well to sort out starting positions for the first race and provided a more consistent grid starting position reflecting ability as opposed to if the bike is working properly that morning,


    a. Proposed by myself graham garriques.
    b. change the grid position after race 1 from current system.
    c. currently we set the grid positions from the fastest lap, i feel this is unfair as crashing on a fast lap means you still start in front of someone who finished in front, in racing to finish 1st 1st you must finish, easiest way to settle was use the old system of finish position determines the start position for the next race, you crash you start at the back. so dont crash.


    a. Proposed by myself graham garriques.
    b. change to the start positions from the previous race.
    c. currently we set start positions based on the fastest lap, i believe this was introduced to encourage fast riding in order to improve grid position for “excitement”, in order to provide more excitement i proposed we reverse the first 3 or 4 rows, (id prefer the reverse to be based on where i finished but respect this may not be acceptable to all) this would allow more riders to be on the front row and experience the hole shot and by keeping it limited to the first 3 or 4 rows it would keep it safe enough that there shouldnt be any massive differences in ability.

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    Brian Rogers
    Brian Rogers

    Proposer. Brian Rogers

    Proposal. That the criteria for awarding the Terry Lawless (The Spirit of MZ) trophy be more clearly defined to allow its going to any fully paid up individual who has made an outstanding contribution the the Club.

    Supporting Evidence. When a non riding member was nominated this year it provoked a certain amount of discussion online and “rules” regarding its award were freely quoted. No such rules exist but clearly there should be and I believe they should be as simple as those outlined in the proposal above.
    Ann Hadley, who approached the club regarding the trophy originally, has never placed pre-conditions on its award, has written to the club reiterating that position

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    The letter from Ann re the TERRY LAW trophy (spirit) states must be a member to vote/nominate and also be a member to receive. will upload letter tonight when I get home from work.

    The only argument from me was Taff on his post had said “RIDER”, so as we said at the time you cant change unless all are told and we re nominated. Some of us had been voting for near on 2 weeks before this all came to light. As I and Max Maud and maybe others may have nominated/voted for a different person as we thought we had to vote “RIDER” as stated. Don’t know about any other arguments

    The only thing Ann has reiterated is a paid up member to vote and paid up member to receive.

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      taff #85

      Actually sue at the stage this was discussed we were only nominating not voting (as you can’t vote until the nominations are posted,at which time you know who you can vote for) so it would not of effected anyone’s vote just who we would have voted for. This is why I aproched Ann about it, had it been decided to open the nomination’s up I would have informed everyone. Please keep the facts as they were.

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        your post stated “FOR RIDERS” on here and on fb, although I see the link on here has disappeared and get error #404 when searching for it. I know you said this was an error and it should have been amended.

        Also they have to be a paid up member to vote and receive – no argument, so no facts were incorrect on my part

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        taff #85

        I give up. You have clearly not read my post and you feel that this year I went about it all wrong. I am sure that even in person I will not make you understand what went on and the fact that nobody was trying to pull a fast one or keep people in the dark. It is pointless shit like this that pisses people off and stops them being involved with the club.

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    letter from Ann above

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    Proposer. Christopher watson

    Proposed change: the banning of carbon wheels of any size for race use.

    Supporting evidence: plenty of items got missed like some would argue the dynamag wheels. Nip the cost before people start trying to implement it.

    Second proposal

    Proposed change: review the cost of a racing membership for anyone attending on a one off basis for a season.

    Supporting evidence: as the membership organiser I noticed firsthand the debating going on for the people who know they will only be attending one meeting and have to stomach £40 for being a member (as opposed to the cost of a non racing member). Plenty have paid up regardless but it may be worth a middle ground area to help matters.

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