BMZRC Membership

2017 (onwards) Annual Subscription

Individual Racing Member : £40

Joint or Family Membership: £45

Affiliate/Non-Racer Membership: £20

It is perfectly OK to race in the MZ class without belonging to BMZRC but the subs pay for the Club Bulletin, our Trophy Fund and make important contributions to the MZ Experience and the Club’s Dinner Dance.

On that basis, it’s only fair that a rider not contributing via the subs would not be eligible to enter some of the BMZRC Cups and Trophies or to receive the Club Bulletins.

Membership of the BMZRC also enables you to enter the 100 Club draw and the chance to win cash prizes. Click here for more information.

Please note that with effect from the BMZRC AGM in November 2015, a rider will lose their race number if they have not raced in the past two seasons or if they are no longer a member of the BMZRC.

Riders taking part in the MZ Experience will automatically receive free membership of the MZ Club for the remainder of that season.

To apply for membership, or to change the level of your existing membership, please contact Gill Moffat.