Prize Draws


At every meeting there are two different prize draws. These are usually held at the riders meeting about 30 minutes after the last race on  Sunday. If the winner is not present at the draw they will be contacted afterwards.

Chiltern Motors Prize

100 Club


former proud sponsors of the

MZ Championship & FreshDrop Draw

The BMZRC Executive Committee and all the MZ riders, their friends and family would like to thank Jonny King of FreshDrop Ltd for his generous sponsorship of the MZ Championship until March 2016.

Winners 2016

Date Meeting Rider
 March  Brands Hatch  Dave Higgins

Winners 2015

Date Meeting Rider
 March  Brands Hatch  Rob Dessoy
 April  Snetterton  Ian Slaughter
 May  Silverstone  Lee Hardy
 June  Cadwell Park  Barry Green
 July  Pembrey  Gary Howlett
 August  Brands Hatch  Chris Kent
 Septemeber  Cadwell Park  Ian Slaughter (again!)
 October  Brands Hatch  Jerry Frost
 October  Snetterton  Ryan Anderson then redrawn Duane Sutch


Winners 2014

Date Meeting Rider
April 6th Brands Indy Andy Moffat #15
April 27th Snetterton 300 Barry Green #18
May 11th Silverstone Chris Pettet #38
May 26th Outlon Pete Mannering #8
June 22nd Donnington Steve Hamer #53
July 20th Cadwell Park Simon Finch #22
August 10th Brands GP Connor Hall #70
Sept 7th Snetterton 300 Dan Barford #43
Oct 5th Brands Indy Gary Williams #41


Winners 2013

Date Meeting Rider
March 24th Snetterton 300 Darren West #28
(drawn at Brands)
April 14th Brands Indy Mark Taylor #82
May 5th Pembrey Pete Mannering #8
June 1st Outlon Mark Taylor #82
June 23rd Snetterton 300 Malcolm Howell #30
July 28th Donnington Malcolm Howell #30
August 18th Brands GP Dama Dave #19
Sept 15th Cadwell Charlotte Morton #45
Sept 6th Brands Indy James Priestley #71


Winners 2012

Date Meeting Rider Redeemed
March 26th Snetterton Andy Saunders #1  Cadwell June 2012
April 15th Brands Nigel Cragg #88  Cadwell Aug 2012
May 6th Pembrey Simon Snowden #40  Cadwell Aug 2012
June 24th Cadwell Reece Baldwin #99  Cadwell Aug 2012
July 9th Snetterton Charlotte Morton #45  Cadwell Aug 2012
August 19th Cadwell Dennis Nelson #10  Brands Sept 2012
Sept 9th Snetterton Garry Samett #5  Brands Sept 2012
Sept 30th Brands Hatch Chris Rogers #95  Snetterton Mar 2013


Winners 2011

Meeting Rider Redeemed
April 10th Cadwell Park Darren West #28 Pembrey May 2011
May 1st Pembrey Mark Vincent #66 Snetterton July 2011
June 19th Silverstone Nick Murton-Jones #43 Brands July 2011
July 10th Snetterton Mark Dickinson #10 Brands July 2011
July 31st Brands Hatch Des Davies #42 Snetterton Sept 2011
Sept 4th Snetterton Giles Spencer #67 Brands Sept 2011
Sept 25th Brands Hatch Des Davies #42 Cadwell Aug 2012


BMZRC 100 Club

Is organised in order to raise money for the BMZRC “Paddock Fund” as well giving individual riders (and other BMZRC Club members) the opportunity to win a cash prize.

The Rules 

  1. Tickets numbered 1 to 100 are sold for every MZ race meeting for £2 each.
  2. Tickets can be purchased from Lynda Cook (Mrs 42) in the paddock.
  3. Race numbers have been reserved for each rider but they can choose another number instead if they wish.
  4. There is no limit to the number of tickets an individual can buy for each meeting.
  5. In order to comply with the Gambling Act 2005, tickets can only be sold to members of the BMZRC which, for the purposes of this draw, are considered to be:
    1. Any rider allocated a race number at the beginning of the season.
    2. Any rider who has raced in the current season. This includes anyone taking part in the MZ Experience.
    3. Other individual, affiliate or family members of the BMZRC (see Gill Moffat for details of Membership).
  6. Tickets cannot be transferred and cannot be sold to anyone under 16.
  7. Tickers can be bought in advance or at each meeting. They can also be prepaid for the entire season.
  8. The winning number will be drawn at the end of racing on Sunday. If the winner is not present at the draw they will be contacted afterwards.
  9. The winner will receive 50% of the total amount collected for that meeting.
  10. The remaining 50% will remain in the BMZRC Paddock Fund which will be used to purchase items for the benefit of riders in the paddock e.g. common spares, oil,  welding equipment, etc.
  11. The BMZRC Paddock Fund will be spent at the discretion of the Riders Representative after consulting the riders.
  12. The BMZRC Executive Committee reserves the right to withdraw or change the terms of the competition at any time.

Winners 2015

Date Meeting Rider


Winners 2014


Date Meeting Winner Prize
April Brands Indy Chris Pettet £53
April Snetterton 300 Malcolm Howell £51
May Silverstone Ian Slaughter £46
May Oulton Joe Baldry £41
June Donnington Steve Cannon £50
July Cadwell Barry Massey £55
Aug Brands GP Andy Hewson £51
Sept Snetterton 300 Pete Woodall £51
Oct Brands Indy Max Maud £51

Winners 2013

Date Meeting Winner Prize
March Snetterton  Snow stopped play  —
April Brands Indy Darren West
May Pembrey Sue Sherwood £42
June Oulton Carl Hussain
June Snetterton Dan Burdett
July Donnington Sarah Vincent £52
Aug Brands GP Mark Vincent
Sept Cadwell Graham Haw
Oct Brands Indy Paul Robson


Winners 2012


Date Meeting Winner Prize
March 25th Snetterton Matt White £42
April 15th Brands Hatch Garry Samett £50
May 6th Pembrey Steve Wainwright £47
June 24th Cadwell Max Maud £50
July 8th Snetterton Darren West £51
Aug 19th Cadwell Dan Burdett £51
Sept 9th Snetterton Nigel Cragg £52
Sept 30th Brands Tim Griggs £55


Winners 2011

Date Meeting Winner Prize
June 19th Silverstone Russell Hynes  £35
July 10th Snetterton Chris Palmer  £48
July 31st Brands Hatch Andy Moffat  £52
Sept 4th Snetterton Carl Hussain  £50
Sept 25th Brands Hatch Tim Griggs  £54