MZ Experience Checklist

Here is a brief summary of the process for borrowing an MZ race bike and becoming an MZ racer!

  1. Read all the information on these pages.
  2. Contact Chris Rogers (MZ Experience Coordinator) to discuss your riding experience and preferred circuits on 07977 218440 or via email at, who will reserve a place for you and send you more information.
  3. Send a deposit for £50 to the MZ club via bank transfer. Chris will send you the details of how to do this. You will also be enrolled as a member of the British Motorcycle Racing Club (BMZRC), which is included in the cost of the MZ Experience for the remainder of that season. The balance is due 8 weeks before your MZ Experience meeting.
  4. Book a place on a Competitor Training Course (CTC) and Basic Rider Assessment (BRA). Check the ACU website for a list of providers, locations and dates.
  5. Obtain an eye test, an optician will need to sign your ACU licence application form. Please also refer to the ACU Licence Notes for Road Racing to see if you also need to see your GP due to your age or any pre-existing conditions.
  6. Complete the ACU Road Race Licence application and British Motorcycle Racing Club (BMCRC – affectionately known as Bemsee) membership process. The forms and directions can be downloaded from the following locations:
           ACU licence application and licence notes
           BMCRC Membership
  7. Send your ACU Licence application and BMCRC Membership form to BMCRC. BMCRC will complete the Name of Club section at the end of the application and enter the unique club membership affiliation code. They will also submit the form to the ACU on your behalf. They can only do this if you are a BMCRC member but you can apply for BMCRC membership at the same time. If you continue to race after your MZ Experience weekend then you need to reapply for membership but can do so at the reduced rate of £25.
    Remember to enclose; a passport size photo, a copy of your DVLA road bike licence, the Basic Rider Assessment certificate, the blue CTC certificate – and cheques or bank card details. You will normally receive your ACU Licence within 7-10 days and it is valid for one calendar year.
  8. Sort out your riding kit as per ACU guidelines: one piece suit, boots, gloves, ACU approved helmet, identification (dog) tags, and waterproofs. Details can be found in the ACU Handbook.
  9. Book Race Entry online at BMCRC and pay for race days only. Do not pay for TEST DAY as this will be paid for you. Payment will be taken 1-2 weeks before the race and tickets will be posted out or printable tickets emailed to you. You will be sent 3 entry tickets for the race meeting – one for you and the others for your fans. If you need more free tickets contact Chris Rogers. Pay the balance due to the MZ club for the loan of the bike.
  10. Organise accommodation and food – we recommend you stay on circuit as a typical day will start at 8am each morning. Information on the facilities at each circuit can be found on the MZ Racing Club website along with details of where the MZ Club tend to congregate.
  11. At the circuit – Before you can take the MZ Experience bike out on track, you will need to sign the BMZRC Waiver form to confirm that you are happy with the bike and that you accept you are taking part in the meeting at your own risk. A copy of this waiver can be sent to you before the meeting on request. We’ll show you where to go for ‘Signing On’ and ‘Technical Inspection’ and help you with anything else you need to know. By the end of the weekend you’ll feel part of the Club and raring to go!