Gavin Sherwood Trophy

This trophy is awarded annually at the Brands Hatch GP meeting each season.
The trophy is presented by Gav’s widow Sue Sherwood for outstanding achievement on or off the track. Both riders and non riders are elligable.  

Gavin taking off at Cadwell Park
Gavin taking off at Cadwell Park


Gavin Sherwood was an MZ Racer and a very nice man. If you check the records he did not win any championships or set lap records, although he always came close. He should have received awards for travelling huge distances to race and he was never short of a story about a burnt out clutch or a dissolving caravan.

He was not the biggest person to ride an MZ (5ft 3 and 8 stone) but what he lacked in stature he more than made up for with his spirit and determination. Fast, fair and funny this was what made him one of the most popular people in the paddock and on the track.

When Gavin was diagnosed with his second bout of throat cancer we all knew he would fight it but it was a surprise to see him back on track at Brands Hatch in April 2009 with a tube in his throat and a board to write on. I thought he would poodle round and maybe complete a couple of races, instead he was on it from the word go and was only slowed by a dodgy wheel bearing and an oily plug. What shone through was his desire to come racing again and the absolute joy that it gave him when he did. Bemsee awarded him the Rex Judd trophy that weekend for his fighting performance.

Despite going through enormous operations and radiation treatment he was destined to lose his battle with cancer but he still moved heaven and earth to have one last trip in to Brands Hatch shortly before he died. This was thanks to the tremendous efforts of Bemsee and St Margaret’s Hospice in Yeovil. He was given a lap in the race control car and also on the back of a bike. It was a very emotional day.

When he passed away in August 2009 he left instructions with his wife Sue to have a trophy made to be awarded for efforts on or off the track. It is to be awarded when the MZs race at Brands Hatch at the end of September.

Gavin was awarded the “Terry Law Spirit of MZ” trophy after he died. This was voted for unanimously by his fellow racers, plus anyone who puts a big carrot on the side of his van is ok by me.

Gav’s race number was 50. Many bikes still carry a small #50 on their number boards as a mark of respect.

Andy Moffat #15
August 2011


Mike Dommet, CEO BMCRC presenting Gavin with the Rex Judd Trophy Brands, April 2009
Sue & Gavin Sherwood