Getting Started


Do your homework
If you’re thinking about road racing, then it’s worth doing some homework to make sure you know what to expect; there are obviously risks involved as well as the costs. Going along to a race meeting can help; you’ll get the opportunity to see how well organised the meeting is, how many marshals are in place and what kind of medical backup there is. Speaking to other riders can also help as can reading the Road Race section ACU Handbook which details all of the Rules and Regulations governing the sport (direct link). You’ll be asked to sign a Disclaimer every time you enter a race to acknowledge that you enter at your own risk.

Bemsee organise an Open Day at Brands Hatch each December which gives all new riders a chance to meet with representatives in all of their classes. They also produce a pack for Rookies as well as information on their Rookie Race School held each February. There is also an opportunity at the Open Day to have an eye test as part of the ACU Licence application process.  More information can be found on the Bemsee website (direct link).
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Applying for an ACU Road Race Licence

You will need to have an up to date ACU Road Race Licence before you will be permitted to race.  If you have held a licence in the past, you may need to repeat all or some of these steps depending on the length of time since you last competed.  The following list is a guide only, you will need to refer to the ACU website for full details.

1. Book a place on an ACU Assessment/Licence Day
You will need to complete a Competitor Training Course (CTC) which is classroom based and Basic Rider Assessment (BRA) on the track at an approved centre. They normally take place on the same day at various venues throughout the year e.g MSV circuits.   A full list of venues and dates will appear on the ACU website as they are announced (direct link).
Our race organisers, BMCRC (Bemsee) organise a Rookie Race School every February at Brands Hatch which is well worth considering.  It is possible to borrow an MZ bike is you are considering racing an MZ.  The cost of borrowing an MZ is £100.
Please be aware that Bemsee will need all of your ACU Licence paperwork submitted to them before the Rookie Race School so that your licence can arrive in time for the start of the season.

The ACU recommends that you do the CTC and BRA in the same year/season in which you intend to race. Rules and Regulations can, and do, change from season to season.

2. Complete an ACU Road Race Licence Application
You will also need to read the seperate Licence Notes as in some cases your GP will need to sign the application. In all cases an optician will need to sign the form. (direct link).

3. Arrange for a GP and/or Opticians Appointment

4. Complete a Bemsee Membership Form
Bemsee will need to complete the Name of Club section of the ACU Licence Application and provide you with a Unique Club Membership Code. You need to be a member for Bemsee to do this so send in your Membership form along with your licence application. The Bemsee Membership form is available on the Bemsee website (direct link).

5. Send in the Completed Paperwork to Bemsee
You will need to send in all of the paperwork to Bemsee for them to check, sign and forward to the ACU on your behalf. You need to include the following items (but double check the individual forms at the time for any changes):

  1. Bemsee Membership Form
  2. ACU Road Race Licence Application – signed by an Option in all cases and also a GP if necessary.
  3. Copy of DVLA licence if you hold one
  4. Passport sized photograph
  5. CTC certificate
  6. Basic Rider Assessment certificate
  7. Seperate cheques for Bemsee Membership and ACU Licence (or update each form with bank card details).Your Bemsee Membership and ACU Road Race Licence will each be valid for one calendar year.
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Entering your first meeting
You can download Race Entry forms and (optional) Test Day forms on the Bemsee website (direct link). Applications to race can also be made online via the website.  Members of the MZ club will be happy to help you at your first meeting.
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Please also look at the Frequently Asked Questions of this website for more information.